The Woman Behind The Brand

I have a passion for getting to know people, building relationships and always hungry to learn. So let’s dive in to how my career experiences have driven me to become a small business owner myself!

I have a Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management degree with a certification as a Hospitality Events Specialist. I learned a tremendous amount from supporting many positions in different departments in hotels and catering companies during the early phases of my career. I always knew I wanted to have a job where I could learn the ins and outs of a business but never get bored. This was an imperative step in my early 20s as I figured out what was next for me. There’s never a dull moment with the hospitality industry, let me tell you! 

Fast forward a few years…I decided I wanted more of a 9-5 career. I was provided the opportunity to work in the financial industry that spanned over 8 years. Working for a small family-owned corporate office allowed me to gain even more knowledge of how a business operates. Within those years, I worked with compassionate and successful small business owners across the country that truly opened my eyes to what it would be like owning my own business while helping others. Holding a few positions at a time sharpened my skills as an executive assistant, marketing, social media, events, client/agent services, and overall business operations. I also established relationships with Ramsey Solutions, Transamerica, Ameritas and other financial corporations which offered me a broader view of how larger corporations operate. 

During the global pandemic of 2020, so many businesses were having to learn to pivot by operating virtually. It made me realize my skillset was needed in a lot of ways. I decided to form The Golden Solution LLC to provide busy entrepreneurs and small business owners the support that they needed to grow and scale their businesses to the next level. I have been fortunate to work with several phenomenal companies and thoroughly enjoy watching their businesses succeed.  

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark. #Bossbabe

The two people that raised me to become the woman I am today...

Meet Trudy and Buddy Lindsey, also known as my Nana and Papa. They truly were my world and I miss them every day. I want to share with you what made them so special and why starting my own business means so much to me on a personal level. 

Papa had a 6th grade education and was a maintenance mechanic for over 20 years with the factory he worked for. He loved tinkering with just about anything until he figured out how to fix it. Papa would tell me it’s not always about book smarts but sometimes you have to use some common sense to get the job done. 

Nana grew up in Germany and came to the states at 21 not speaking our language. She was an accountant for a building contractor for several years. Nana taught me that you have to work hard but also earn respect from the people around you. 

Nana volunteered for many years running the athletic booster club for the local high school the majority of my family attended. She understood the importance of sports, education and being a part of a small community. I believe that’s part of the reason why I started to love event planning and the value of businesses coming together supporting each other. 

Coming from a small town where everyone knows each other has been a blessing in a lot of ways. We support our small businesses and built relationships that have lasted decades and generations. They are the heart of our community!    

I will forever be grateful for the lessons they taught me and the examples they set as my parents. They truly were the light of my life! I am told often that I am little Trudy or they see my Papa in my smile…I couldn’t think of a better compliment. I have no doubt they would be proud of this huge accomplishment in starting this business. 

Random Facts

I have the sassiest black cat ever

I love to read (with a glass of rose’ of course)

I am obsessed with check lists

I yell Go Dawgs and Rise Up during football season

I enjoy painting 

I absolutely love traveling

I crave sushi like all the time 

I get a kick out of making others laugh